Kitchen storage: Glass jars

Being organised in the kitchen (and the rest of the home) is, for me, all about storage. Knowing where everything is kept and being able to access items easily and quickly makes cooking and preparing meals so much easier. These glass jars keep our ingredients and spices fresh and easily viewable (husband is a very keen cook, hence all the different spices!)
(Pretty, unusual shaped jar for peppercorns)
(Dried red chillies look appealing in see through glass jars)
(Spices are easy to identify through clear lids)

To identify the foods we use a mixture of cutting out the packaging and placing inside the jar (see the jar of Polenta in the top photo), or painting a little rectangle of black chalkboard paint and writing on whatever's being kept in there at the time.


  1. Your kitchen storage is lovely! I think glass jars make everything look perfect. Nice that your husband is a good cook too... :)