Lunch date

Last week as a treat we took the boys out for lunch, and it was so much fun.  Jamie loved looking through the menu and choosing his meal, and couldn't believe the size of the ice cream sundae he ate for dessert! 
Alfie's favourite part of the meal was having unlimited drinks with a straw; one of his favourite things to do at the moment:) (Those chubby little hands!)


  1. Awww! Cuteness!! Sounds like a lovely time! I look forward to the lunching adventures with my little one when it isn't quite so stressful to keep her entertained! This looks so happy and dare I say civilized? Love it! xx Natalie

    1. Ha ha :) I know exactly what you mean Natalie, it can become stressful taking little ones out, especially Alfie as he is such a little fidget! To try & get around this, we went early (about 11.15am), so by the time we'd ordered our food & it had arrived he was hungry but not starving-hungry (when he gets a bit grumpy!) It also meant we weren't disturbing too many people (I hope!) x