Grandad's 85th birthday

(Jamie helping his great-Grandad to open his presents)
To celebrate my Grandad's birthday at the weekend we had a little party for him. Jamie was on hand to help with the present opening, and, as usual, my Mum's food was delicious. We ate chicken, salads, rice and salmon amongst other things.
Of course, no birthday would be complete without a birthday cake, and the one we had was made up of four different cakes; perfect for offering different options to everyone without having to buy lots of desserts. I chose the coffee cake (and then had a slice of the chocolate as I just couldn't resist).  The boys also ate strawberry jelly, with actual strawberries in!


  1. So sweet! I am just now off to visit my Nan for her 85th birthday armed with lots of iced buns.

  2. Ooh I'm loving the four-types-of-cake cake! Great idea!