Alfie tries Olives

I put together a little plate of foods for Alfie to snack on earlier this week; consisting of ham, cheese, grapes, and olives which I thought would be nice to try.
He ate all the ham, then cheese, then tried the olives which he was unsure about at first and gave me a few of them but then ate them! I was curious to see what he'd make of them as I think they're a 'grown-up' taste. Are there any unusual foods your little ones eat or love?


  1. i love the peek into your house. it looks so lovely! the pretty wood floor and white. i love it! yummy plate of food too.

  2. He is adorable! And I only started liking olives in the last few years, definitely think they're a grown up taste!

    1. Thank you!

      I only started liking them last year :)