So, (exactly the same as what happened last Christmas), I was completely unprepared and didn't plan ahead for the blog whilst doing all the activities involved with the holiday season - school nativity plays / parties / present wrapping / visiting family etc. We had an amazing time though, and now we're back in the routine of school / nursery it feels like we're a little more organised. It feels so good to be back blogging, and for ages now I've been wanting to change the design of the blog so I finally got around to doing it! There's a few more tweaks to add which I'll do over the next couple of days.

Hope you all had a fantastic Christmas break!

p.s.  The image above is Alfie, completely flat out after Jamie's Birthday party at the weekend :)


  1. Yay you're back! I like to think I gave you a push in the right direction ;)

    Love the new look - v clean!

  2. Ha ha yes you did! (And thank you for doing so!) x

  3. Thanks for such a sweet comment Kirsteen! It's so nice to be back and among all my lovely bloggy friends! So glad you guys had a nice holiday! I can't believe it's over. Hope you're having a happy weekend!! xx

    PS - the blog design looks fab. Perfect and simple, nice job!