This has got to be one of the easiest, most delicious dinners we've made for a while, made with ingredients we had in our cupboards.
To make it, you will need:

Risotto rice                                        
Chicken stock
A splash of red wine
Sundried tomatoes
Garlic clove
Olive oil + butter
Salt + pepper
Chilli flakes

To make: cook the onion until soft in the butter and olive oil. Next, add your garlic clove, chorizo, chilli flakes and sundried tomato and cook for a few minutes.   Add the risotto rice, cooking for a few minutes then add the red wine.   After the red wine has cooked down a little, add the passata, stir, then add one ladle of the boiling chicken stock at a time - whilst stirring the rice continuously.

After the rice was cooked, we added some grated parmesan to the pot, put the lid on and left for a few minutes (this makes it extra delicious as the cheese melts through the whole dish).  Done!

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  1. Ooh this does sound good. I love chorizo, don't have it often enough! Risotto is a go-to dinner for us but I don't normally add tomatoes so this could be a welcome change :)