Wishlisted cookbooks + happy weekend

We have many cookbooks which I love looking through for inspiration and ideas, but whilst me and Neil were out recently we stopped by a bookshop and I spotted these lovely books which are now on my wishlist. Gwyneth Paltrow's book looks amazing (this Duck Ragu recipe looks delicious!) and the pictures inside are beautiful.
Lisa Faulkner's recipe book has the loveliest images and food inside; definitely one of those food books you can snuggle down with to read.
What's for Dinner? will be amazing if it's anything like Fay's previous cookbook.  I have tried so many meals out of this one and they always hit the mark.  I'm excited to see what new recipes there are.

Have a lovely weekend (and to any Mamas out there, have a wonderful Mother's Day!)

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  1. I have the Gwyneth book, it's a lovely read as well as having some great (if a bit crazily healthy) recipes!