Over the past few weeks a few of Jamie's friends celebrated their birthdays, so we decided that instead of buying cards, we'd make them!  We have some sweet rubber stamps that we used, such as the elephant above, but I've been looking at these gorgeous stamps from Ink + Wit that would be perfect for making cards or pictures.

It's so nice to receive something handmade too, I think (and it's a great way to spend an afternoon with the little ones!)  


  1. These are gorgeous! I love stamping stuff.

  2. i've been more and more interested in stamps lately, i just bought a return address one - but i can def see how fun they would be for making cards!

  3. I think handmade stamped cards are so sweet. I keep meaning to pick up an alphabet stamp set for this very purpose! Muji has a cute one!

    1. Me too! I looked at the alphabet set last time I was in muji then forgot to go back and buy it. Will have to look online...