Easy nail varnish remover

This sounds amazing; a dip-in nail varnish remover that takes off your colour in a second. (I'm thinking this would be great to have at your desk at work / take on holiday / keep a pot in the car for emergencies). It's also acetone free, so it's kinder to your nails than regular varnish remover, and it's meant to smell nice - I'm sold!


  1. If it's meant to smell nice then I am definitely in!

  2. I was literally (LITERALLY) driving home from work today thinking I would paint my nails more if I could find a nail polish remover that was faster than sitting there rubbing nail polish off nail by nail - then here you are with this post!!! I call this fate. I'm off to buy some now (seriously). THank you so much for sharing.

    Anna xo